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For Sale or Trade: Doug Unger Tubaphone






Ex. Fine quality tubaphone with a neck by artist/musician Doug Unger you can see me playing it at

. The 3-piece figured neck has an ebony backstrap and multiple underlay, fancy engraved A.C. Fairbanks/tubaphone style shell inlays in unbound headstock (back and front), neck, and heal cap. Bound ebony fretboard, original 1921 Vega tubaphone rim is bound in tortoise plastic, 10-15/16" high quality goatskin head, ~26-1/8" scale length, 28 brackets with bracket band (head installed by master Luther Brooks Masten), , fluted nut, great tone, original Vega tubaphone rim. The peghead has an engraved flower pot that is more ornate than you will find on the original Fairbanks banjos. Nice heal carving. This instrument has a ‘press on’ close-fit Vega pie plate style resonator available that was closely matched in color to the neck and re-finished by a professional luthier. Excellent player. Great volume and sound. This banjo had the heftier neck and feel of the early 20th century tubaphones. A substantially lower price than similar instruments listed elsewhere. If you interested in buying a beautiful artistically rendered Doug Unger banjo that is also a great player (with a press-on resonator available), this is it. Serious inquiries only please. $3,450. With resonator $3,650. Reasonable offers will be considered. Prefer in-country buyers. Additional photos available via email. Choice of cases possible. Would consider trade for Vega or Ome long neck banjo of similar quality and value.

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Price: $3,450.00 USD

Shipping: plus shipping

Posted By: OTJohn

United States, 1360 Overlook Ave NW, Salem, OR, 97304

Contact Info: Contact via email through BHO or via phone at 503 559-1314 (cell)

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Douglas Unger

Ad Status: Active, #42772

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