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For Sale: Ruttberg & Lange Orpheum No.2 conversion. Second Life banjo 1251-4











Ruttberg & Lange Circa 1918 Orpheum No.2 restored pot assembly. 11 1/8 inches head, new brass 5/16 inch round rod tone ring, Original hardware, new rim cap with herringbone insert.

New hand made hard maple neck with African ebony fingerboard and head stock veneer. Mother of pearl hand cut inlays, silver/nickel frets, 26 3/16 inches scale, 1 5/16 inch width at the nut and 1 15/16 inch at the heel. The ebony head stock is framed with birds eye maple like the No.2 special model. The heel carving is a replica of the original's tenor neck lightly enlarged to fit a 5 strings size neck.

New calfskin head.

Waverly 4/1 ratio 2 band tuners and a Gotoh fifth string tuner.

Moon bridge.

Unbleached bone nuts.

New nickel plated brass wire armrest.

New tailpiece by Greg Galbreath.

Superior hard shell case included.

A restored banjo with a fantastic sound. Loud, punchy with a great voice . Set up with a 5/8 bridge. Easy to play with a low action on the strings. Plated Second Life Banjo No 1251-4 and ready for another century of music.

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Price: $3,568.00 CAD ($2,793.85 USD)

Shipping: Shipping included for USA and Canada. Other countries may have extra cost.

Posted By: Carl Arcand

Canada, PQ

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Rettberg & Lange

Ad Status: Active, #58744

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