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For Sale: 1927 Gibson Mastertone TB3 Ball Bearing All Original Tenor Banjo




Pre WWII Gibson Tenor Banjo 4 string. Mastertone TB3, Ball Bearing.
All ORIGINAL. Well cared for. Comes with hard shell carry case.
Face has flamboyant autograph of musician (Louis A Walsh) who played it during WWII to entertain fellow Canadian and British Forestry Corps men and women stationed in Scotland. Price is based on recent sale price on another site: (see discussion URL)

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Price: $4,800.00 USD

Shipping: TBD

Posted By: Hwalsh

United States, Los Angeles, CA, 90024

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

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Type: 4-String

Brand: Gibson

Ad Status: Active, #67447

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