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For Sale: Gibson ESS for sale in U.K.

For Sale in the UK ;- (Staffordshire)
My 1990 Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard 5 string Mastertone that I've owned and played for over 25yrs. Greg Rich era, signed label, all as it should be.
Keith D tuners at 2nd and 3rd pegs (Gibson originals incl.)
Price tailpiece (Gibson original incl.).
4 Mother of pearl thumbscrews (Gibson originals incl.)
Snuffy Smith bridge. Spikes at 7th and 9th. Huber leather strap.
Original 'The Gibson' HSC.
Had a refret aprox. 5 yrs ago by a well known British banjo luthier.
A very clean and tidy instrument that plays well, holds tune well, has great tone and has served me well.
Come and see it, handle it, play it, love it.
I will not post/ship this instrument.
3295. Cash only.
At my time of life its time to thin the herd.

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Price: £3,295.00 GBP ($4,169.46 USD)

Shipping: n/a

Posted By: clive_jet

United Kingdom

Contact Info: 07703 128837

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Gibson

Ad Status: Active, #103289

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