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For Sale: Nechville Special Vintage Model Banjo





This is a Nechville special vintage model that Tom Nechville made for me to play and carry as a dealer at my website, Its a traditional Flat head banjo, with 3 ply maple rim and one piece flange, not the Heli mount Vinage. You would custom order a banjo like this with the same options or options of your own. I am on my second model and am playing it regularly so it is not for sale, its already a little beat up from playing out with it. This would be a custom order. It's really a unique Nechvile with the straight traditional flat head tonering,3 ply maple rim, and one piece flange pot. It has the flux capacitor removable neck (which makes time travel possible) no,not really but it does make plane travel much easier if you want to remove the neck and put it in a suitcase. The Neck is "vintage" nechville though, easy to play, looks great.
Call or email for more information. 727-248-8300 or toll free 866-322-6567.

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Price: $3,995.00 USD

Shipping: Prices negotiable/ free shipping and insurance. Also inlcudes other free items.

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United States, St Petersburg, FL, 33707

Contact Info: Call or email Ross direct anytime with questions,
941-441-5249 or 866-322-6567.

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Nechville

Ad Status: Active, #49743

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