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For Sale: 1927 Gibson TB-3.5 Floorsweep factory conversion (expired)






This is a one of a kind banjo. A 1927 Gibson no-hole archtop tonering TB-3.5 "floorsweep" conversion. I have three tube & plate mastertone tenors on hand for comparison , and the rim, resonator and all of the metal parts (except for the 1950's Gibson tenor tension hoop that I replaced) are prewar Gibson identical the Mastertones. the rim does not have a Mastertone lable but does have the "patent applied for " stamp and has two Factory order numbers stamped in it, one of them has X's stamped over each number. One really cool feature of this one is that the resonator is the deep reddish-brown color with a maple back like a typical "Stlye 3" , but the sidewalls of the resonator are actually of mahogany like a "style 4" would be and also have the white-black-white binding of the style 4's . Hence the 3.5 name I have given it. This was converted to 5-string by Gibson in the mid to later 1960's and they used an actual RB-800 neck. It still has the original stair-step Klusen tuners, Grover Friction fifth string tuner along with the original wider "Guitar type" frets. The neck is really cool and plays well. Someone dressed the frets and filed away some of the side (or width) of a few of the frets which does not effect the way they play ,but it is a minor cosmetic issue. I have adjusted the price a bit to take that into account. This is a really cool and a wonderful sounding banjo that plays easy up and down the neck. It will come with a hard-shell case. If someone is interested, I will sell it as the five-string for $3295.00 plus shipping & insurance. I would possibly consider keeping the neck and selling the complete pot assembly for $2500.00 plus shipping. This is a lot of banjo for the money. Serious inquiries only please and I can take more pictures if needed and also do a sound clip. Feel free to e-mail at or give me a call @ 612-756-4588 for more of a "hands-on" description. Thanks for looking, Mike Guggemos

Price: $3,295.00 USD

Posted By: gugger

United States, Winsted, MN, 55395

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Gibson

Ad Status: Expired, #60405

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