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For Sale: S.S. Stewart Orchestra late 1889








Great sounding Orchestra Model S.S. Stewart from late 1889. It's a very playable banjo with a very straight neck. Would be a great players banjo and collectors item. Cherry neck with a carved heel, 27.75" Scale length and 12" German Silver Clad pot - engraved on the outside and marquetry on the inside. Here's a video of me playing it -

This S.S. Stewart is too early to have a model designation, although it conforms to the Orchestra model. This would have been a custom ordered banjo in it's day. Not quite a presentation model, but with many of the presentation model features, such as the engraving and marquetry on the pot and the presentation headstock shape. This banjo would probably classify as a grade 4.

Banjo has original hooks, brackets and shoes. It doesn't have the original tailpiece, that's an easy thing to fix. Currently has a Kershner tailpiece that is fairly rare. The tuners have also been changed out to Champion Tuners. I also suspect this banjo has had a heel cut at some point.

This banjo is around 129 years old and has definitely been loved and played. It's in great condition, but also has some usual wear and tear from being played over the years.

Serial Number is 8083

While I love this banjo and have had it for the last ten years, I'm looking to sell this and invest it into my wood working shop. Hope it finds a good home that will enjoy playing it as much as I have.

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Price: $2,200.00 USD

Posted By: Ozark Banjo Co

United States, Mountain View, AR, 72560

Contact Info: Feel free to contact me through Banjo Hangout, my website or by phone 978-675-1778

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

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Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: SS Stewart

Ad Status: Active, #71473

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