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For Sale or Trade: 1931 Gibson TB-2 5 string Conversion Banjo 9729-5






1931 Gibson TB-2 5 string conversion banjo with a Huber speed neck. This is all original and includes a very nice hardshell case. This has an original Brass Hoop tone ring which gives this the authentic original tone and also makes the banjo light weight. This has been fully inspected and set up here at the Banjo Warehouse and includes our Full Satisfaction Guarantee.

Gibson TB-2 5 string Conversion

This 5 string conversion banjo has a walnut resonator and a walnut Huber speed neck with a rosewood fretboard and flying eagle inlay. The banjo has that old prewar style tone just dripping off of it and this also plays wonderfully. The banjo is in really good shape cosmetically with original finish that overall is in excellent shape and hardware that also looks great. This is definitely not mint but man is this clean with only minimal wear. This even has minimal wear in the frets, they are fat and round with a whole lot of life left in them. There are spikes already installed at the 7th-10th frets.

These old style 2 banjos offer a fantastic opportunity for the pre war banjo lover because you can get a 5 string conversion banjo that is walnut and sounds incredible. Style 4 banjos can bring over $10,000 but you can buy this banjo for almost half of that.

This is a killer conversion with the original brass hoop tone ring so this has that authentic original sound. The reason you want a pre war banjo is to get a pre war sound and this is it. This is set up and also plays incredibly well on top of sounding great. The Huber walnut speed neck helps with the tone and also the playability. This has a full set up and has been fully inspected as well and is sold with a Full Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any questions at all please ask. Thanks!!!

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Price: $5,499.00 USD


Posted By: Banjowarehouse_com

United States, 2947 East Point Street East Point GA 30344, East Point, GA, 30344

Contact Info: Banjo Warehouse Atlanta
2947 East Point Street
East Point GA 30344

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Gibson

Ad Status: Active, #72808

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