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For Sale: Renee Karnes plectrum banjo for sale (in Europe)






It is Renee's fifth banjo. It is a plectrum.
She made it originally for someone else, but I purchased it from her; she acted as an intermediary between the owner to whom it was made and me. That was over 4 years ago.
She at the time told me, that if I was order it from her new and direct, it would cost me about $24 thousand. Today likely to be a bit more...
This banjo is now FOR SALE. It is located in Europe (Hungary). The asking price is only 10900, (about U$12K) less than HALF of what it would cost, if ordered now, new from Renee Karnes - and you'd have to wait a year...
BTW: I'll take U$ if wire-transferred to my US bank (BofA) account.
This may be the only Renee in Europe.

It is a full 27" plectrum scale (22 frets), solid ebony (carved) neck, cast bronze tonering, engraved everywhere, extremely ornate with abalone and mother of pearl inlays everywhere even on the non-visible inside; B&D style. The original (and only one) owner's name is engraved on the armrest.
It IS a work of art.
I'm moving back to the US and I do not want to bring it back; my trips will not be numerous enough to bring back all my banjos, so some gotta go.
Additional pics are available of course, but this ad only permitted 5 to be posted.

Interested in buying this banjo?
to arrange purchase

Price: €10,800.00 EUR ($12,046.65 USD)

Shipping: Pick up in person. (Budapest)

Posted By: banjovictor


Contact Info: ph: 36-31-780-5867

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 4-String


Ad Status: Active, #75291

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