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For Sale or Trade: (SOLD) 2014 Huber VRB-75 - Near mint, one owner, amber tuners (sold)











(Will also consider trading this Huber VRB-75 for a Martin Andy Griffith D-18 guitar or Martin Johnny Cash D-35 guitar, but not for another banjo).

I am hesitant to do so, but I am selling my 2014 Huber VRB-75 which has been treated with extremely good care and is in near mint condition (no scratches or dings). This VRB-75 has the Huber Truetone professional sound and performance, with the renowned HR-30 tone ring and standard maple neck and mahogany resonator. I am the first and only owner.

I recently recorded some banjo tunes with this Huber for a top Los Angeles sound engineer, and he told me that the Huber sounded the best through his professional microphones (the best from among my 10 banjos), so this Huber would be fantastic for recording (and performing).

It has an incredibly easy-to-play neck (with great accurate intonation up and down the neck), original amber tulip buttons and such a solid balanced tone.

One prominent banjo luthier (and great player) played this Huber and he said it was one of the best modern flatheads that he ever played.

It also includes original amber tulip tuner buttons that I am told was made by one of the top tuner button makers who unfortunately is no longer with us.

From the receipt that Iíve included in the photos, you can see that I paid $5,295 for it, and am asking $3,295.

No trades please, although I will consider a trade for either a Martin Andy Griffith model D-18 guitar or a Martin Johnny Cash D-35 guitar. No banjo trades please (since my wife says I have too many banjos already . :) . )

I donít want to sell this banjo, and am hesitant to do so, but I will be moving in the next few months and my wife asked me to sell one or two banjos.

There are no scratches or dings on the banjo. It would be in mint condition, except for light feet wear on the first and second frets (difficult to photograph) and light fading on part of the armrest. There are 3 tiny dimples (not dings) on the surface of the resonator back that are very difficult to photograph (and that I believe were there when the banjo was built).

If possible, I prefer not to ship, and am willing to drive a reasonable distance from my home near Fredericksburg to meet a buyer.

Thank you for emailing me if you are interested.

Price: $3,295.00 USD

Shipping: Prefer pick-up - can drive 1/2 way to meet buyer (but will consider shipping)

Posted By: KD Banjer

United States, (near) Fredericksburg, VA, 22485

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Huber

Ad Status: Sold, #77210

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