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For Sale: Cloverlick Knaves Run EKTube Oldtime Special (sold)








This is an unplayed Cloverlick openback banjo built by Jeff Kramer. The unplated brass has tarnished as you would expect. NO TRADES.

KNAVES RUN EKTube Oldtime Special

McPeak Lightning Maple and ebony bridge thinned and shaped for best tone 11/16"
Total string between 1st and 5th width at bridge will be standard Crowe 46 mm
ACTION SET - 3/16" over twelfth. Rise over head at fingerboard will be 3/8"
All Hardware solid brass by CloverLick with 14 bracket hook construction, side drilled tension hoop
Head, Renaissance
Oldtime Special Add on - Rim binding of Curly Koa on outside of rim, OS Upgrade
Rim, CloverLick Blockstyle 3/4" thick
Rim bottom dressed with wood rim bottom dress in Cocobolo
Rim, 12 diameter X 3/4 thick x 2 3/4 overall depth
Rim, wood will be White Oak
Kerschner Brass / Nickel Tailpiece

The fifth string tuner on Knaves Run is between the 5th and 6th frets (DILLER PREFERENCE)
Neck wood will be White Oak
Oldtime style dowel stick and custom hardware
No Bindings on neck, natural wood beauty.
Necks are split construction with a 1/4" center vertical veneer and halves are opposed for stability and strength
Face woods for peghead, fingerboard, armrest, heelplate in Cocobolo
Fingerboard nut and 5th string nut will be aged old bone.
Stainless Steel Frets
Oldtime Special Add On - Peghead will get special intricate cut
Radiused fingerboard of 20 inches and overl neck thickness of 13/16" (DILLER PREFERENCE)
Heel angle of 1/2 degree at most, 3/16" fingerboard rise over head for clawhammer playing
Fretted scale length will be 24 1/2
Neck will have 19 fretted positions
Neck at the nut will be 34mm and 50 mm at the pot. This is slightly wider than most banjos today and makes for easier fingering.
Mini railroad spike installed in second position on fifth string to allow "A" capoing.
Dual permanent carbon filament truss rods for strength, stability, and tone
Tuner Knobs will be Black
4 standard Keith tuners in brass with black knobs - upgrade option, fifth string to be gold plated with black knob
Oldtime Special Add on - Maple veneer underlayment beneath facewoods in peghead, fingerboard, heel plate, and bottom dress for visual line enhancement

Hand rubbed oil finish polished to a smooth satin luster, base coats in mineral oil, then shellac, then gun oils
All wood is left natural in color to promote most natural feel and appearance
"I X" engraved at the 9th fret
Peghead will have 3 shell style Trillium, engraved, using gold mother of pearl, pau abalone and red abalone / custom parlor grade set.
Antique coal script coin inlayed in fingerboard near the pot says much about the banjo tradition
Side dots at the 3,5,7,9,12,15,17 positions
Oldtime Special Add On - diamonds are added to the 3,5,7, 9*,12,15,17 in Gold Mother of Pearl. There is an "IX" at the ninth fret

Hardshell professional style case.
Two brass nameplates inside pot reflecting model, serial number, builder, grade, and owner name. Brass plate on case with owner name and banjo name
Banjo serial number KR-OS-021, Banjo Name "Round-Headed Boy"

Price: $3,000.00 USD

Shipping: Buyer pays shipping (to continental US only)

Posted By: Jeff Markham

United States, Petaluma, CA,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: CloverLick

Ad Status: Sold, #83726

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