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For Sale or Trade: Custom top tension! Price reduction.




This is a project i e been working on for some time, and has turned out better than i could have imagined. I decided to get my 2 favorite builders to construct THE top tension banjo. Tim Davis is making (hands down) the best necks on the planet, and this is his best. Period. Roasted mahogany w 7”-12” compound Radiused ebony freatboart. Stainless frets and bone nut. The pot is all Sullivan. Factory floor rim. Sullivan 1 (Crowe) ring. Walnut Sampson bridge.. the kicker is the solid 1piece carved resonator. I had always been curious about the mahogany neck, solid maple reso tone combination.. let’s just say it’s perfect. All the depth and warmth of mahogany, but the maple cleans up any “tubby ness” that all mahogany would make. Not bright, just clean, clear, and loud!! Text w any questions! 954-815-0234. Fit and finish was all done by eric sullivan. This banjo is perfect. I have them built to my specs. I play them in a bit, simply to open them up a touch. This is simply one of the finest I’ve ever had made. Period. Forgot to mention 10:1 Rickard tuners.

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Price: $3,495.00 USD

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Posted By: banjerdave74

United States, Lake Worth, FL,

Condition of Banjo:

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Sullivan

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