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For Sale: Kel Kroydon KK-10 (Sale Pending)






Kel Kroydon 4-String Banjo Made by Gibson 1930's Made by Gibson for the J.W. Jenkins Music Co. in Kansas City Missouri between 1929-1931
The banjo is in very good over-all condition, especially for its age, there are no broken pieces, just some minor wear on neck and body from being played. The fret board is all inlayed and so is the back.
It has a gold plated Majestic tail piece that is worth a good amount by itself.
This was my dad's, he acquired it from a friend. My dad never played it. My dad's friend was a musician that played the banjo and jazz guitar. He was probably on BHO when he was alive.
There is a hard case that comes with it.
Please ask any questions - I posted as many pictures allowed - if you need more I can provide.

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Price: $3,200.00 USD

Shipping: UPS/$100

Posted By: ScottStaib

United States, Danbury, CT, 06810

Contact Info: 203-241-3898

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

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Type: 4-String

Brand: Kel Kroydon

Ad Status: Active, #87774

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