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For Sale: Tim Davis Banjos Mack Crowe Gold Engraved Bluegrass Banjo 2020






Tim Davis Mack Crowe Five String Bluegrass Banjo. Mint Condition. Tim Davis has taken the Banjo world by storm. He is the most exciting new Banjo Luther of the last 10 years and his models rival anything made by the top makers including Gibson, Dearing, Stelling, Huber, and Yates to name the top makers. His craftsmanship is second to none and meticulous attention to detail is his creed. He makes one of the finest flathead tonerings in the business. His inlay work is second to none and his choice of woods and components are superior. This is modeled after a one of a kind legendary Gibson Pre-War Flathead five string owned by Mack Crowe. This is a monster bluegrass banjo. I like it better than anything Iíve played recently and there is no similar model made by anyone of the best makers. The combination of Mahogany and the Gold engraved tonering, armrest and tailpiece add real class and incredible tone. Itís the best model so far built by Tim and his direct price is $4,500 and wait time of many months. Iím blown away by this banjo and you will be as well. HSC

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Price: $3,775.00 USD

Shipping: $125

Posted By: howieblues

United States, Sacramento, CA, 95825

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Tim davis

Ad Status: Active, #89064

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