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For Sale: 1979 Stelling Golden Cross Banjo (expired)






1979 Stelling Golden Cross. This banjo is a player. An early Stelling that is well broken in. Stage ready,but really needs a good cleanning. Has Keith tuners but the B slips enough to be a pain. The tail piece is not embossed with the stelling logo so it may not be stock. Truss rod cover the same. The belt buckle rash, the head stock knick,mild patina, prolific oxidation, all as expected to be found on a working ax. Oh, and the binding on the rim is separated in two places. None of this however affects the superior, mature tone or the cut this sweetheart has. I'll throw in a capo. This instruments pedigree is contained in it's three digit serial number. Price negotiable but not by much.(I just got this back from a month of Spa time at a very trusted Luther in Fort Worth,ide sure like somebody out there to give this fine instrument some love!!get your picks on!)

Price: $4,995.00 USD

Shipping: Happy to split the shipping

Posted By: banjo62

United States, 1619 Webster, San Angelo, TX, 76901

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Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Stelling

Ad Status: Expired, #96547

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