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For Sale or Trade: Circa 1928 Prewar TB-2 "Pyramid" Conversion (expired)

Can't seem to upload photo's so here's my Craigslist ad:

This banjo started its life as a TB-2 tenor banjo, which are now listing for upwards of $3k unconverted when they pop up.

I had it professionally converted to a five string neck by the skilled luthier Ron Coleman in Georgia.

He did an incredible job… The new five string neck plays absolutely flawlessly, and looks great.

The setup he did was fantastic as well, the notes leap out of this banjo and the action is low enough to play easy, but high enough to sound powerful.

This features the “pyramid” tone ring that has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. It’s lighter weight than a flathead ring, but still has enough weight and punch to cut in a bluegrass jam or onstage. You will have no problem being heard, and it’s a lot easier on your back.

Only imperfection on the entire Banjo, aside from normal wear on the resonator from nearly 100 years of existence, is a small, stable crack on the inside of the resonator that does not go all the way through and hasn’t been an issue.

Comes with original tenor size case, tenor neck, newer hard shell case, leather strap.

Love this Banjo but just looking to try something new.

Interested in full or partial trades for: Mandolin’s, Guitar’s, Banjo’s, recording equipment, etc.

Thanks for looking!

Price: $4,250.00 USD

Shipping: Actual cost

Posted By: botyler

United States, Austin, TX, 78702

Contact Info: 7373335768

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Gibson

Ad Status: Expired, #96941

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